NOTICE: Our Nations Historic Name "The Algonquin Woodland Metis Anishinabek Tribe" Was Stolen for improper purposes by 3 Status Indians And A Number of Non Aboriginal Persons who in bad faith and breach of trust registered OUR Nations Name as a Federal NFP claiming to be our historic Nation/State to Financially Gain From Decision of the Daniel Case. 
Official Reports have been filed to all applicable Law Enforcement Agencies USA and Canada and an current investigation is ongoing for Legal Action. Aboriginal Affaires and Industry Canada have been kept fully aware of the fraudulent application for a Federal Corporation. 
We as a un-ceded matriarchal Nation/State have renamed our Nation.  
Documents viewed on our web site will show the previous name of our Nation which is NOT associated or supportive of those who use our name under fraudulent claim.  
AWMAT (ASMIN) continues to retain our Ontario Not for Profit Corporation "Algonquin Woodland Metis Aboriginal Tribe. 

As Indigenous / Aboriginal People/Nation/State (Anishinabek Solutrean Metis Tribe (ASMN/AWMAT)) we link the past, present and future into the time of NOW and are the principal signatory to the Native Nations Intergovernmental Alliance Treaty which has proceeded to review by signatory Nations to the United Nations, Under Article 102 of the UN Charter to proceed for registry as a recognized International Treaty.

This International process for which our Nation has begun, based on our Tribal Nation/State’s strong business and alliance based footing with other Indigenous Nations and Nation/States, will enable Indigenous/Aboriginal peoples damaged by ‘colonization’ attain an economic sustainable level on Traditional Lands for entrance into the world economy and re-establish our Indigenous Human Rights. 
Our population of Indigenous people of Canada, as with our ‘Treaty Alliance’ partners live below poverty as 3rd world peoples within colonized 1st world ‘countries. 
Since 1982 as a Nation/State we have reached out to Native Nations and developed strategic plans for sustainable independent development outside of the Colonial Governments of Canada’s control - “International Trade” inclusive of the development of extensive contacts with corporations and green technology holders with strong humanitarian leanings to support and build mutual opportunities utilizing innovative technologies in the resource sectors for mutual economic development to enable the self supporting of education, training, housing, infrastructure, energy systems and agriculture development based on resource economies.  
In response to the Provincial and Federal Governments of Canada’s call for proposals to fund Aboriginal engagement and development 2004, our community set up a Not for Profit Corporation in the Province of Ontario. The funding was solely assigned to political lobbyist groups and surrendered Indians (First Nations) and our Nation/State’s path was then blocked by these same funded political lobbyist groups in abrogation and derogation of Indigenous Rights of natural un-surrendered, un-treated Aboriginal communities and Nation/States.  
Our Nations Women’s and Elders Council approved the setting up of offshore Trusts, For Profit and Not for Profit development corporations to facilitate the support and commitment to our Native Nations Intergovernmental Alliance Member’s projects as well to enable our Nation/States to move ahead on development projects without governmental interference. 
Over the next few months extensive discussions will be ongoing Internationally and domestically as this new journey moves forward to reclaim our indigenous rights. Welcome to this path. 
Further information on this Historic Pathwill be posted in the News Link above. We will be working over the summer to bring to you updated information as it develops - politically and socially.  
Membership application now available to process. See appropriate link.

Our Matriarchal Indigenous/Aboriginal Nation/State retains historic Immunity as affirmed and pursuant to the State Immunity Act 1982, and at no time have we ceded Statehood to any foreign corporate Trade Colony. We as Indigenous 'individuals, clans, Nation/State remain Governed by self-funding following Customs and Traditions pre-dating French First Contact.  
Anishinabek Solutrean Metis Indigenous Nation “ASMIN” is the largest matriarchal un-surrendered un-treatied Indigenous / Aboriginal People’s and Nation/State (Metis) of North America. As a historic pre contact separate race People’s (Metis Nation / State) the corporate Constitutional Monarchy of Canada under the contemporary Document of Marque- The Constitution of Canada 1982, to be compliant with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, International Human Rights and Women’s Rights“identified” Metis and Historic Metis Clans/Communities as one (1) of the three (3) separate Indigenous / Aboriginal People’s of Canada.  
Since 1982 the corporate colonial governments have failed by intention and omission to fulfill fiduciary responsibility, and both Great Britain and the Queen’s “trade corporation” continue to occupy, without treaty, agreements or U.N. Sanction the Traditional Lands of Our Indigenous People. The ongoing violations to Canada’s Rule of Law and International Law while under ‘signatory authority’ to the U.N. Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, Human Rights and the State Immunity Act 1982, keep our matriarchal People’s, identified as the largest and fastest growing population of Canada, suppressed and for many living below poverty conditions, as is the case with many Indians under the Indian Act and Inuit communities.  
Our Tribal Nation as a ‘polymorphic’ non-political entity continues as an identified Nation/State, under our Customs and Traditions,requested tothe ‘trade colony’ Canada, enter into a ‘dialect’ in respect to our inherent rights as a historic separate Nation/State of matriarchal un-surrendered Indigenous people. By intentions and omissions the Trade colony of Canada continues to refuse to enter discussions in any meaningful way.  
We as Metis Indigenous People’s and un-surrendered matriarchal Nation/State have since time immemorial been supporting independently all infrastructure and development for sustainable businesses with extensive business partner alliances in continuation of our clans and Nation/State’s historic role as‘Ootaooa’ renamed by guests to Traditional Lands as ‘cour de bois’.