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*Membership link will open in a new window. is the community action arm of ASMIN*


The ASMIN Membership Cards are internal administration documents for our  Families, Clans, Communities and Nation.  They are also identifiers of Aboriginal Status pursuant to the Royal Proclamation (1763),  The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, (1981), The Constitution of Canada  (1982), the Polley Case (2004) the Daniels Case (2016) and the rights identified under the United Nations Charter of Human Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People.

The membership cards are “NOT” “Tax Exemption verification.  Only Indians, as Bands under the Indian Act are allowed for exemptions while living on Reserve, or for products to be used exclusively on Reserve.   Any said attempt to use these  membership cards for benefits only allowed for Indians under the Indian Act would be deemed fraudulent, which is a Criminal Code of Canada violation.

Our Nation submitted our Comprehensive Claim to the Governments of Canada, HRM the Queen and the UNITED NATIONS, February 11, 2009 under Simple Signature and all such benefits that are not covered in various other regulatory rules are under discussion in various current court actions. Past and future benefits or rights will be delineated from these court actions and the United Nations Treaty Process.

These statements also apply to tobacco and gasoline products.